Quality Policy

We strive to provide reliable products, on-time delivery and dependable support to meet customers’ highest expectations. With our Quality Management System we encourage a culture of innovation, responsibility and accountability to ensure the continuous improvement

  • Our Customers

Being at the centre of our care, we continuously incorporate feedback to adopt innovation into performance, to ultimately supply products and services while ensuring highest customers satisfaction

  • Our Investors

We strive for sustainable economic success and healthy growth, thereby earning their trust

  • Our Principals

Long-term successful partnership is the foundation of the continuous journey of supplying high-quality products and services

  • Our Employees

We are the collective product of our people, promoting the attitude that puts the needs of Quality first. We encourage the capabilities and personal development of our employees through recognition of their performance

Quality Capability

  • All Products are stored in temperature-controlled warehouse with full GSP
  • SOP’s are in place for all stock movements, FEFO is ensured.
  • Proper and adequate Batch Control are in place through System control – special requirements by Principals are implemented and ensured.
  • Our Team attains Periodic trainings from Principals.
  • We are maintaining adequate in-market saleable stock levels sufficient for 3 months of sales.
  • Sales forecast is reviewed on monthly basis.
  • Monthly financial reconciliation with Principles
  • Quality System in all warehousing and distribution fleet
  • Health and Safety Plan.
  • Principals access to records in connection with inventory level, stock movement and stock age
  • A monthly report highlighting: to-market and in-market sales, stock movement, deviations from monthly targets, submission of all debit notes, trade activities, market position, other challenger’s objectives etc.
  • Quarterly reporting: full to-market and in-market sales data, inventory position, review of Sales/Distribution Activity Plan, changes in law, competitive biopharmaceutical products